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August 2009

Here is is a list of articles which appeared in the August 2009 issue of Wyoming Lawyer:

An Insider's View
Author: Sleeter C. Dover, Esq.
Issue: August, 2009
Ethically Speaking - Wyoming Supreme Court Adopts New Code of Judicial Conduct
Author: John M. Burman
Issue: August, 2009
From the Top
Author: Rick Lavery
Issue: August, 2009
Lending a Helping "Hand"
Author: Mary Angell
Issue: August, 2009
Special Considerations for Sole and Small Firm Practitioners
Author: Sally E. Anderson
Issue: August, 2009
The Top Ten Malpractice Traps and How to Avoid Them
Issue: August, 2009
Unmet Expectations (i.e. My client is not happy; therefore, I am being sued)
Author: Scott E. Ortiz
Issue: August, 2009
What You Need to Know Before You Shop for Legal Malpractice Insurance
Author: Mark Bassingthwaighte, Esq.
Issue: August, 2009
When Employee Relations Turn Sour
Author: Mary Scott
Issue: August, 2009
Wyoming Medical Review Panel
Author: Eric A. Easton
Issue: August, 2009