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District Judges' Benchbooks

The Judges' Benchbooks provide information sheets on District Court judges within each judicial district. There are currently nine Judicial Districts in the state of Wyoming. Click a district to see relevant benchbooks.
Click here for Circuit Court Judges' Benchbooks.
Click here for Federal Court Judges' Benchbooks.

District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9

First Judicial District

Hon. Thomas T.C. Campbell
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Steven K. Sharpe
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Catherine R. Rogers
Benchbook not available

Second Judicial District

Hon. Jeffrey A. Donnell
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Wade E. Waldrip
Benchbook (pdf)

Third Judicial District

Hon. Dennis L. Sanderson
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Nena R. James
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Richard L. Lavery

Att. 1 - Order Setting Scheduling Conference
Att. 2 - Civil Scheduling Order
Att. 3 - Request for Setting
Att. 4 - Civil Case Order After Pretrial Conference
Att. 5 - Criminal Case Order After Pretrial Conference
Att. 6 - Criminal Case Order For Pretrial Conference
Att. 7 - Domestic Relations Scheduling Order with Pretrial Conference
Att. 8 - Domestic Relations Scheduling Order without Pretrial Conference
Att. 9 - Domestic Relations Scheduling Order – Summary of Assets and Debts Spreadsheet
Att. 10 - Criminal Case Management Order
Att. 11 - Order Appointing GAL Form
Att. 12 - Criminal Case Management Order – Settlement Conference Report
Semiannual Guardianship Report Form
Annual Conservatorship Accounting Form

Fourth Judicial District

Hon. John G. Fenn
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. William J. Edelman
Benchbook (pdf)

Fifth Judicial District

Hon. Robert E. Skar
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Steven R. Cranfill
Benchbook (pdf)

Sixth Judicial District

Hon. John R. Perry
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Michael N. Deegan
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Thomas W. Rumpke
Benchbook (pdf)
Divorce Case Requirements Order (pdf)
Joint Final Pretrial Memo (pdf)
Joint Report Meeting Proposed / Joint Discovery Case Mgmt. Plan (pdf)
Modification Case Requirements Order (pdf)
Order Setting Civil Pretrial Conf. (pdf)
Scheduling Order Folowing Pretrial Conf. Civil (pdf)
Scheduling Order Following Pretrial Conf. Divorce (pdf)

Seventh Judicial District

Hon. W. Thomas Sullins
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Catherine E. Wilking
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Daniel L. Forgey
Benchbook not available

Eighth Judicial District

Hon. John C. Brooks
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Keith G. Kautz
Benchbook (pdf)

Ninth Judicial District

Hon. Norman E. Young
Benchbook (pdf)

Hon. Timothy C. Day
Benchbook not available

Hon. Marvin L. Tyler
Benchbook (pdf)
Criminal Case Management Order (pdf)
Scheduling Conference Order (pdf)
Status Conference Order (pdf)
Amended Court Security Order (pdf)
Case Requirements Order (pdf)
Divorce Scheduling Order (pdf)
Jury Scheduling Order (pdf)