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Wyoming Supreme Court Censures Cheyenne Lawyer

CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Supreme Court today issued an order of public censure to Cheyenne attorney Scott M. Powers for his conduct in three different matters in which his clients complained to the Wyoming State Bar. The first was a matter in which Powers undertook to facilitate the return of some funds to his client, but the matter dragged on for several months due to Powers’ lack of diligence.

The second matter was a landlord-tenant dispute in which Powers obtained a judgment in favor of the landlord but failed to diligently pursue collection of the judgment and failed to respond to his client’s inquiries regarding his efforts to collect the judgment.

The third matter was one in which Powers undertook to represent a client on two traffic citations and accepted a $750.00 fee. Powers thereafter failed to appear at a hearing in the matter, which resulted in the forfeiture of the bond that had been posted by the client in both matters. Powers subsequently failed to follow through on efforts to resolve the matter with the district attorney, and ultimately refunded the $750.00 fee to the client.

The Wyoming Rules of Professional Conduct regulate the conduct of members of the Wyoming State Bar. Powers violated Rule 1.3, which requires a lawyer to act with reasonable diligence and promptness in representing a client. Powers also violated Rule 1.4, which requires a lawyer to maintain reasonable communication with a client.
Powers stipulated to these facts and consented to this discipline. The Board of Professional Responsibility approved the stipulation, recommending that the Wyoming Supreme Court publicly reprimand Powers. After reviewing the report and recommendation, the Wyoming Supreme Court entered its order publicly censuring Powers and ordering him to pay an administrative fee of $500 and costs of $50 to the Wyoming State Bar.